New Product-Nickel Carbonate Paste

2021-04-20 09:59:49

New Product-Nickel Carbonate Paste

Nickel Carbonate, now we call it Nickel Carbonate, basic, with CAS No.: 12607-70-4, which is different with the NiCO3 with CAS No.:3333-67-3.  As when producing it, we used alkali. And the following is the structure formula:

New Product-Nickel Carbonate Paste 1

According to the above structure formula, Fairsky is able to supply the product of high density around: 0.8, compared with common NiCO3 with density around: 0.3. And meanwhile, Fairsky can make it with particle size: D50:12μm. The following is the test for the particle size.

New Product-Nickel Carbonate Paste 2

In this case, when feeding into the facility, the dust is less. And the reaction isn’t fierce, so the foams are less.

With more and more requirements from the environmental and labor protection, Fairsky are asked to supply dustless products, like the following, it is called Nickel Carbonate Paste, it is new arrival.

New Product-Nickel Carbonate Paste 3

The Nickel Carbonate Paste comes out with the market requirements. Fairsky has been on the way to meet the market.

We know, with different water content, Nickel Carbonate can be produced with Ni content from: 35%-49%, and 35%, 38%, 40%, 42% 45% are our stock products.

The following is a comparison for different water content. The appearance seems so different.

New Product-Nickel Carbonate Paste 4New Product-Nickel Carbonate Paste 5

Fairsky is able to supply different physical standard, such as: particle size and density. Waiting for your enquiry:

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