Different specifications of cobalt sulfate

2021-05-10 15:39:12

Different specifications of cobalt sulfate

Fairsky produce Cobalt Sulfate Heptahydrate crystal, Cobalt Sulfate monohydrate and Cobalt Sulfate granular.

Cobalt sulfate heptahydrate is easy to absorb moisture and caking. It affects the quality of processed products, so it needs to be dehydrated when applied. Cobalt sulfate monohydrate is pink powder, soluble in water, but it does not absorb moisture and cake, and the water absorption is no more than 3%. It is used well as animal feed additives.

Different specifications of cobalt sulfate 1

Cobalt is one of the essential trace elements for ruminants. It is an important active component in the formation of vitamin B12 (cobalamin, VB12) structure. It occupies a special position in ruminant nutrition and is the only essential component of vitamins (VB12). Essential trace elements. Once ruminants lack cobalt, they will suffer from loss of appetite, poor growth, weight loss and anemia. Therefore, the nutritional effect of cobalt has attracted more and more attention.


Effects on the digestive function of ruminants:

On the contrary, the growth of ruminant microorganisms in ruminants requires the participation of cobalt. When the content of cobalt in the feed is low, the growth of microorganisms in the rumen is blocked, which leads to a decline in the digestive function of ruminants. Adding cobalt to the feed of ruminants such as cattle and sheep can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the rumen.


The effect of cobalt on the growth of ruminants:

Many studies have found that cobalt can improve the absorption of nitrogen and sugar in ruminants. Adding cobalt salt to the diet can increase the degree of nitrogen metabolism and promote the synthesis of nucleic acid and protein in bone marrow, liver and chicken. Cobalt also participates in the process of sugar metabolism through VB12. When VB12 is lacking, the utilization of sugar in the tissues will be hindered, and the animal will show loss of appetite and hindered growth. Cobalt supplementation can improve the growth and development of animals.


Our Cobalt sulfate Monohydrate will be your good choice for Co as trace elements for animal feed additives.

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